Faculty of Sciences

With a mission to nurture a new generation of professionals in a vibrant, dynamic, and supportive environment for study and work who are capable of finding solutions to the range of challenges that the human race is faced with, Superior University’s Faculty of Sciences is committed to providing an intellectually challenging learning experience for the students and mapping its learning endeavors in accordance with national and international research priorities. Amidst the unprecedented pace of the evolution in scientific knowledge, the faculty collaborates with the industry to develop a futuristic curriculum and conduct multidisciplinary scholarship to fulfil the University’s goal of becoming a globally competitive and student focused institution.

The exceptional instructors dedicate themselves to providing a rich learning experience for the students through unique experiential learning frameworks in a shared working and learning environment, which enables them to explore their innovative selves while helping them develop core competencies and soft skills ensuring success in their professional lives.

Bachelors Programs

BS Forensic Science

BS Chemistry

BS Biotechnology

BS Biochemistry

BS Microbiology

BS Mathematics

BS Physics

BS Environmental Science

BS Zoology

BS Nanoscience and Technology

MS Programs

MS Biochemistry

MS Biotechnology

MS Botany

MS Zoology

MS Microbiology

M.Phil Programs

M.Phil Mathematics

M.Phil Physics

M.Phil Statistics

M.Phil Chemistry

Ph.D Program

Ph.D Biochemistry

Ph.D Biotechnology

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum educational qualification

Most programs require applicants to have passed their intermediate-level education (HSC or equivalent) with a minimum grade point average (GPA). The required GPA may vary depending on the program.

English language proficiency

As Superior University's medium of instruction is English, applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency. This can be done through tests like IELTS or TOEFL, or through evidence of having studied in an English-medium school/college.

Entrance test

Some programs may require applicants to take an entrance test specific to the program. This is usually done to assess the applicant's aptitude for the field of study.

Dean's Message

Welcome to the world of Sciences where impossible is not a scientific term. At Superior University, Faculty of Sciences develops the way of thinking much more than serving as a rhetoric body of knowledge. “Never stop questioning” is the notion, most emphasized upon in this faculty. That is how we have opened entrepreneurial avenues for the students in faculty of Sciences.
Science is about the little miracles of everyday life that shape up the world around us and if taught right, can lead our lives in the most superior way. Faculty of Sciences here ensures you experience these miracles through project based learning and objective based education that specifically targets the needs of an ever changing market which makes it tough for graduates who haven’t had experiential learning. While we see through constant evolving, things tend to become easily more obsolete than ever before, our Faculty of Sciences is a gateway to infinite knowledge that opens new horizons in every sector, ranging from food to energy, and industry to everything that contributes to an economically Superior Pakistan. The institution is known to be the first ever to revolve around innovation and research and we believe this is the perfect way to tell what science actually is. Our internationally trained faculty members with published research papers make sure you have an evidence-based approach to learning. We make sure every student remains to be a curious mind who believes in constant research and innovation through our entrepreneurial ecosystem. We believe in individuals who are self-reliant, adaptable, critical thinkers.

Dr. Musarat Ullah Afridi

Dean, Faculty of Sciences

Faculty Members

Dr. Musarrat Ullah Afridi

Dr. Muhammad Usman Hashmi

Dr. Uqba Mehmood

Dr. Hina Zain

Dr. Fizza Naseem 

Dr. Muhammad Rashad

Dr. Muhammad Mudassir Iqbal

Dr. Zia Ur Rehman 

Dr. Qanitah Ama-Tul-Mughani

Dr. Nazia Kanwal

Dr. Samyyia Abrar 

Dr. Attia Razzaq

Dr. Nimra Tariq Butt

Mr. Mehmood Baig 

Ms. Abeedha Tu Allah Khan

Mr. Aamer Ejaz Khan Niazi

Mr. Hamza Khalid

Ms. Aqsa Shahid

Ms. Khadeeja Nasir

Ms. Zohal Hassan

Mr. Rana Qadir Ul Hassan


Mr. Muhammad Bilal

Mr. Muazzam Ali

Mr. Abdul Manan

Ms. Sidra Siddique

Ms. Ifrah Bhatti 

Mr. Ammal Javed

Mr. Allah Dita Khalid 

Ms. Neha Yaseen 

Ms. Maryam Rana 

Mr. Muhammad Ismail

Mr. Waseem Aslam

Ms. Rehana Badar

Ms. Farah Younas

Ms. Nida Sajid

Ms. Sundas Nasir Chaudhary

Mr. Ramzan Amjad

Mr. Hafiz Farrukh Shehzad

Mr. Waqar Shoaib

Mr. Arshan Shaukat

Ms. Anum Saleem

Mr. Danish Zulfiqar


Faculty Members