Semester Exchange Program

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Semester Exchange Program

The applications are open for the Semester Exchange Program. Every semester, students from various departments participate in the Exchange Program, providing them with a valuable lifetime experience. This initiative enables you to spend an entire semester (with the possibility of extension to one year) studying in a foreign country. Upon your return, you can seamlessly continue your degree with your original batch, as all credit hours from your exchange period will be transferred. We strongly urge all students to consider applying for this program, as it offers significant exposure, opportunities for networking with individuals from different countries, insights into Master’s programs, job prospects, and guidance towards a secure future.


Why Semester Exchange Program?

  1. Career Opportunities
  2. World Vision
  3. Education
  4. Personal Development
  5. New Culture
  6. Lifelong Relations
  7. New Interest
  8. Lifetime Experience

Eligible Faculties for Exchange Program

Faculty of Management Sciences

Faculty of Art and Design

Faculty of Social Science

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

Faculty of Economics and Commerce

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Graduation at Aydin



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Contact Details

Superior International Office

Timings: (Mon- Fri) 8 AM to 4 PM