M.Phil Commerce & Finance

Advance your expertise in commerce and finance

The M.Phil in Commerce and Finance program offers a comprehensive education for those aspiring to deepen their knowledge in the fields of commerce and finance. This program features an extensive curriculum that emphasises advanced coursework and research, equipping students with specialised skills to analyse and manage financial and commercial activities.

Course details for year 2024

Credit Hours



2 years





Program roadmap

CoursesCredit Hours
Basic Econometrics3
Business Research Method3
Seminars in Research3
Islamic Economics and Finance3
CoursesCredit Hours
Quantitative Techniques in Business3
Advance Econometrics3
Project Management3
Corporate Governance3
CoursesCredit Hours
Thesis 6

Eligibility Criteria:

B.Com (Hons), BBA, BS Accounting and Finance, M.Com, BS Islamic Banking and Finance, BS Risk and Insurance, MSc Accounting and Finance, ICMA, CA, or a 16-year degree in a relevant field or equivalent.

Why choose M.Phil Commerce and Finance at Superior University?

Our M.Phil Commerce and Finance program is tailored for individuals passionate about advancing their knowledge and careers in commerce and finance. With a curriculum designed to reconcile student needs, our program ensures the timely completion of the degree. Students gain real-time financial exposure through practical experiences in the Pakistan stock markets and benefit from a flexible program structure suitable for working professionals.

Distinctive Features

Enrolling in our M.Phil Commerce and Finance program offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Timely completion of the degree, aligned with students’ professional and personal commitments.
  • Real-time financial exposure through engagement with the Pakistan stock markets.
  • A flexible program structure designed to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.
  • Global exposure for higher education, internships, jobs, or immigration through the 3U1M Stream ‘Superior Go Global’.

Admission process

1. Application Procedure:
– Submission of a completed application form along with required documents, including academic transcripts, identity documents, and passport-sized photographs.
– Payment of the application fee as per university guidelines.

2. Merit-Based Selection:
– Admission is based on merit, with consideration given to academic performance, entrance test scores, and any other criteria specified by the university.

4. Entrance Test:
– Successful completion of the Superior University Admission Test or any other relevant entry test designated by the university.

5. Interview (if applicable):
– Applicants may be required to undergo an interview as part of the selection process.

Note: The admission criteria may vary based on Superior University’s guidelines and specific requirements for this program. Applicants are advised to contact the admissions office for the most up-to-date information.

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through our distinctive experiential learning framework 3U1M Program

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