Student Support Services

Mr. Fahad Aziz  President of Student Voice Leaders
2022-2023 >

Superior University’s Student Voice Leaders initiative has been truly transformative, providing a platform for students to not only develop their leadership skills but also co-create their campus experience. As the president of Student Voice Leaders, I have witnessed the university’s unwavering commitment to empowering students and fostering a conducive environment for innovation and change. The opportunities and experiences I gained during my time as a student leader have been instrumental in my current role as the owner of a successful startup. Superior University’s dedication to building the next generation of leaders is evident, and I am proud to be a part of this prestigious institution.

Mr. Waqar Khokhar  President – Superior Debating Society 2018-2019>

As a former member of the Debating Society, I had the privilege of assuming a leadership role within the organization. By actively engaging in various society activities, I gained valuable experience that has helped me thrive in real-world settings. The society served as a platform for me to showcase my talents in front of diverse audiences, both at national and international conferences, which has led to recognition throughout Pakistan.

Mr. Ansar Chaudhry President of Departmental Club 2021-2022 >

I joined the Departmental Club in order to make good use of my leisure time and be productive. Being a member of the club provided me with numerous opportunities to learn about team dynamics and how they work. Perhaps the most significant lesson I learned as a club member was event management. Through organizing recreational tours for the Department, I came to appreciate the importance of collaboration and teamwork. As President of the Club, I spearheaded a range of initiatives for both intra- and inter-university events. All of these experiences proved invaluable in laying the groundwork for my own event management company. Today, I am proud to be training volunteers and helping them to achieve their full potential.