Departmental Clubs

What are Departmental Clubs?

The co-creators of Vibrant Campus Life, an embodiment of Superior’s ambition of producing solution providers for society. Departmental Clubs have the mandate to plan and execute meaningful co-curricular and recreational activities at the departmental level. Superior University is committed to 360-degree grooming of its students by providing them platforms to learn social skills and rekindle the essence of life in a socially despaired society.

Why Departmental Clubs?

Superior Departmental Clubs are created with the overarching goal of developing solution providers who can make social and economic contributions to society. The idea is to provide you with a vibrant campus life to engage in activities and projects that help in developing new skills, building relationships, and gaining experience in social departments of life.Clubs aim to enrich the social experience of students by organizing co-curricular and recreational activities at the department level. These activities are meaningful and impactful, as they provide opportunities for students to engage with their peers and build a sense of community within their department.As a club member you will be creating opportunities for students to pursue their interests and passions outside of the classroom. You are committed to provide a platform to the students where they can develop and exhibit social skills and make students’ campus life more thrilling by organizing co-curricular activities. 

How to become a Club Member?

The recruitment process for the Departmental Club is highly competitive and fervent. Once your nomination papers are accepted, you will participate in class elections through a secret voting process overseen by your departmental faculty advisor for Clubs. The individuals securing the highest number of votes in their respective class sections are notified as Departmental Club members.

Your gains by becoming a Club Member

Becoming a club member in university can be beneficial in multifarious academic and professional arenas like skill enhancement, reward and recognition and professional growth.

Skill Enhancement
You will get a chance to amplify your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) with an emphasis on your managerial skills and teamwork capabilities. Adding onto it your communication and coordination skills, conflict resolution, Social Networking, and problem solving aptitude will be honed. These skills will prepare you to succeed socially as well as professionally.

Reward and Recognition
In recognition of your contributions, the university lauds you with the following rewards and recognitions. 


Class Announcements: The advisor will make announcements in all classes, considering the opportunity profile of club members, and will motivate students to become part of the student body.

Applications: Interested candidates will obtain application forms from the bookshop or Departmental Coordinator and submit them to their advisor, accompanied by signatures from at least 25% of students in their class.

Voting in Class: Secret voting will be conducted in all classes by advisors.

Result Submission: The advisor will send the result, containing vote details, to the Office of Engagement & Co-creation (OEC) in soft copy.

Notification: The Office of Engagement & Co-creation (OEC) will publish a list of successful candidates via notification.

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Joining a Departmental Club offers you the opportunity to develop new skills, build meaningful relationships, and gain valuable experience in social aspects of life. As a Club Member, you actively contribute to the enrichment of the social experience on campus by organizing impactful activities. This involvement not only enhances your profile but also provides a platform for personal and professional growth.

As a Club Member, you play a crucial role in creating a thrilling campus life by organizing co-curricular activities that cater to the diverse interests and passions of students. These activities contribute to a lively and engaging campus environment, making students’ college experience more memorable. By actively participating in club initiatives, you contribute to building a sense of community and camaraderie among students, making campus life more vibrant and exciting.

Departmental Clubs at Superior University are envisioned as the co-creators of vibrant campus life with a broader mission of producing solution providers for society. By actively participating in club activities and projects, you contribute to the development of skills and perspectives that can make positive social and economic contributions. The goal is to nurture individuals who not only thrive in their academic pursuits but also seek to address societal challenges through innovative solutions.

Joining a Departmental Club is an excellent opportunity to enhance both leadership and teamwork skills. As a Club Member, you may take on roles in planning and executing activities, coordinating with fellow members, and collaborating with faculty advisors. The experience provides practical insights into effective leadership, communication, and teamwork, contributing to your personal and professional development.

Absolutely! Being a Club Member can positively influence your academic journey by providing practical applications of what you learn in the classroom. Through organizing and participating in various activities, you can reinforce your academic knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and gain a holistic understanding of your field. This hands-on experience can complement your coursework, making your academic journey at Superior University more enriching and fulfilling.