We have awesome facilities to help you succeed, and we care about you as a whole person, not just a student. Come join us and reach your full potential!

Welcome to Superior University, where we are committed to providing our students with a conducive and enriching environment. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to enhance your learning experience, support your personal development, and ensure your well-being throughout your academic journey.

Library & Study Spaces

Teaching and learning

Lecture Theatres

Food and Accommodation


Library & Study Spaces

The Superior Information Resource Centre (SIRC) is a treasure trove of knowledge, housing a vast collection of books and digital resources. The serene and well-designed study spaces provide students with the perfect environment for focused learning. Whether someone prefers solitary study or collaborative group work, our facilities cater to diverse learning needs.

Teaching and Learning

1. Modern, spacious classrooms with advanced audio-visual technology.

2. Extensive library with a wide range of books, journals, and digital resources.

3. Well-equipped computer labs with the latest technology and software.

4. Comfortable study spaces and breakout rooms to encourage collaboration.

5. On-campus auditorium and lecture halls for seminars,  conferences, and guest lectures.

6. Science and engineering laboratories fully equipped for hands-on learning.

Lecture Theatres and Classrooms

Our campuses have modern lecture theatres with cutting-edge audio-visual technology and intimate, interactive classrooms. These state-of-the-art facilities provide the ideal settings for both large-group lectures and smaller, collaborative classes, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive educational experience

Food and Accommodation

At Superior University, feel at home in our modern, separate hostels for men and women, designed for academic and social success. Fuel your journey with diverse and delicious dining options, from international flavors to local favorites, all prepared with quality and freshness in mind. Your well-being is our priority, on and off the plate.

IBS Services

The International Business Services (IBS) at Superior University is a comprehensive suite of offerings designed to support the global engagement and business activities of the university community. IBS provides essential resources and assistance to facilitate international collaborations, enhance global business education, and promote cultural exchange.