BS Aesthetic and Cosmetology

Master Anesthesia Techniques, Safeguard Lives

The BS in Anesthesia Technology offers specialized education in anesthesia techniques and patient care within healthcare settings. Students will acquire essential skills in anesthesia equipment management, patient monitoring, emergency response, and anesthesia administration, preparing them for crucial roles in operating rooms, emergency centers, and trauma units.

Course details for year 2024

Credit Hours



4 years





Program roadmap

CourseCredit Hours
English I (Functional)3
Introduction to Information and Communication Technology3
Islamic studies2
CourseCredit Hours
Anatomy & Physiology of Skin3
English II (Expository Writing)3
Fundamentals of Skincare3
Ideology and Constitution of Pakistan2
International Relations2
CourseCredit Hours
Social Entrepreneurship Program3
Electronic Therapies3
Medical Physics3
Nutrition Sciences3
Organic Chemistry3
Quantitative Reasoning I (Mathematics)3
CourseCredit Hours
Behavioral Sciences2
Cosmetic Sciences-I (manufacturing, labelling, packaging & dispensing of formulated product)3
Healthcare entrepreneurship3
Physical Education2
Quantitative Reasoning II (Biostatistics)3
Skin Diseases-I (Infection & Infestation)4
CourseCredit Hours
Basic Instrumentation of Aesthetics3
Clinical Therapeutics3
Cosmetic Sciences-II (chemical analysis &3
stability of formulated product) Medical ethics2
Patient Care & Consultation3
Skin Disease-II (inflammatory skin diseases)3
CourseCredit Hours
Biostatistics and Research Methodology (Evidence Based Practices)3
Business Operations & Service Marketing(Healthcare Management)2
Clinical Pharmacology3
Perfumery & Aroma Therapy3
Skin diseases-III (adverse effects of3
Supervised Cosmetic Procedures-I cosmetics & drugs)3
CourseCredit Hours
Clinical Rotations (Internship)3
Introduction to Public Health & Safety in Aesthetic Procedures2
Photobiology & Phototherapy2
Regulation & Legislation of Cosmetic Products2
Skin diseases-IV (disorders of pigmentation)3
Supervised Cosmetic Procedures-II3
Wound Management2
CourseCredit Hours
Biomedical Waste Management & Infection Control3
Capstone Project/ Research Project3
Health Economics & Community Dermatology3
Laser Treatments in Aesthetics3
Skin Diseases-V (appendageal disorders)3

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates must have completed their intermediate (F.Sc Pre-Medical or equivalent) with a minimum of 45% marks.

Why choose BS Anesthesia Technology at Superior University?

Our BS Anesthesia Technology program is distinguished by its internationally approved curriculum and experienced faculty who provide rigorous theoretical education and practical training. Students benefit from hands-on experience in our 600-bed hospital, gaining real-time exposure to anesthesia practices and patient care. The program also emphasizes research and innovation in anesthesia technology, preparing graduates to meet the evolving demands of healthcare.

Distinctive Features

Enrolling in our BS Anesthesia Technology program provides several benefits which include an internationally approved curriculum focused on anesthesia techniques and patient safety.

  • Hands-on experience in a 600-bed hospital, allowing for real-time practice and skill development.
  • Expert faculty guidance in understanding the theoretical foundations and practical applications of anesthesia technology.
  • Skills in anesthesia equipment management, patient monitoring, and emergency response.
  • Preparation for certification exams and licensure as anesthesia technologists.
  • Opportunities for professional growth and advancement in healthcare settings.

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