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BS Sports Sciences and Physical Education

Build the skills to lead in BS Sports Sciences and Physical Education

Superior University’s BS Sports Science & Physical Education develops a theoretical and practical understanding of sports, physiology, physical activity, and health, and skill acquisition. This wide-ranging degree helps students understand the factors controlling human performance while also focusing on sports psychology, in areas such as behaviour and motivation.

Eligibility Criteria

 Intermediate or equivalent.

Semester 1

CoursesCredit HoursLab
Islamic Studies20
Philosophy Basis of Physical Education30
English I (Functional English)30
Fundamental of Physics30
Introduction to Games20

Semester 2

CoursesCredit HoursLab
English-II (Technical writing & Presentation skills)30
Critical Thinking & Reasoning30
Basic of Human Anatomy21
Football skills, Rules, Officiating and Measurement12

Semester 3

CoursesCredit HoursLab
English-III (Communication Skills)30
Sports Sociology30
Talent Identification in Sports30
Sports Biomechanics21
Basketball skills, Rules, Officiating and Measurement12

Semester 4

CoursesCredit Hours
Social Enterpreneureship30
Pakistan Studies20
Basics of Human Physiology21
Administration and Management in Sports30
Introduction to Computer21
Badminton skills, rules, officiating and measurements12

Semester 5

CoursesCredit HoursLab
Science of Sports Training30
Track events: Sprint, Middle and Long Distance Races Skills, Rules and Officiating12
Physical Education for Special Population30
Sports Nutrition30
Introduction of Statistics30

Semester 6

CoursesCredit HoursLab
Healthcare Entrepreneureship30
Research Methodology in Physical Education30
Planning Sports Facilities30
Test, Measurement & Evaluation in Physical Education & Sports30
Sports Psychology30
Field Events: Throws & Jumps Skills, Rules and Atheletic Officiating12

Semester 7

CoursesCredit HoursLab
Trauma & Rehabilitation30
Exercise Physilogy21
Scientific Sports Coaching30
Sports Medicine30
Research Proposal20
Physical fitness and Physical Efficiency Tests12

Semester 8

CoursesCredit HoursLab
Gymnastic Skills and Officiating12
Table Tennis Skills, Rules and Officiating12
Curriculum Development in Physical Education30
Adapted Physical Education30
Research Thesis/ Research Project30

*To accommodate modern trends, Institute may reserve the right to change course requirements, fees, course classifications, course contents, class schedules, venues, faculty and the like, whenever it deems appropriate.